Hej Y'all Doormat Stencils


Shipping to United States: Free

I made a fun doormat for my Swedish/American family by 3D printing some custom stencils.
(Hej = Hi in Swedish and is pronounced like Hey, so it is a funny play on words if you are married to a Swede and live in Georgia.)
Obviously I like my doormat, but I am most happy with having been able to 3D print the stencils. I was able to create doormats for gifts using the same stencils over and over.
I have made 2 extra doormats and will sell those (sorry about the price, they are bulky to ship). But mostly I want to sell the stencils because they are great. I realize that they have a narrow appeal, so I may try to come up with other designs if there is any interest in 3D printed doormat stencils at all.
The process for stenciling a doormat is pretty straight forward and I talk about it in my blog https://axelssonfunfactory.com/post/1007392799860/fun-custom-doormat

The doormats I have already made are 18"x30" coir mats with a skid resistant backing. The design is as shown with black and red enamel paint.

The stencils are 4 stencils printed in black PLA plastic, they have holes in them to secure them to the mat with straight pins.

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