I can’t really count this as a New Year’s post since we have passed that date but this is as close as I will get. I was in Florida over New Year, visiting family, and came home to construction going full tilt. Today is the first day I feel back to normal.

Cement Delivery


We are fortunate that we live close enough to drive to Florida and visit anytime. This is especially important as my dad has ALS and we want to see him as much as we can. ALS means that he is constantly having to adapt to new challenges as the disease progresses. One year ago he was walking with little to no trouble and today he is in a wheelchair. It is the rolls Royce of wheelchairs. He is able to sit as well as stand or lie down, and I think his top speed is around 25MPH. But again it is a lot of adapting. One thing he wanted that his chair did not have was a cupholder. So I have been working on that for him. We took measurements while we were down visiting and I have already mailed him a prototype. Hopefully with his feedback we can create something nice that I can put out on Thingiverse for anyone with his model of chair to use.

Cupholder Prototype

There is a lot for us to look forward to this year and I hope to create a lot more fun designs. Happy New Year from The Axelsson Fun Factory    

Welcome 2020