On a Break

I am putting my shop in vacation mode while social distancing is in effect.

vacation mode

The effect that COVID19 has had on our lives is enormous. I know that personally our family is lucky. My husband and I can work from home. My kids are old enough that I wouldn’t have to find care if we did need to work outside the house. Our little unit will get through this just fine. At the same time my in-laws are older and definitely have health issues that make this virus more dangerous for them. And my dad is currently quarantined in the hospital and won’t be allowed out until this outbreak is over. We will do our part to minimize the spread of this disease and hope that everyone else does as well.

spiral maze

In the meantime…I gotta stay active and creative. I am doing a lot of home projects and keeping busy with the family. But I definitely think staying home with COVID19 data constantly coming at us is getting to me, which has led to my strangest creation so far. 

C-19 keychain

Yes, it is a Coronavirus Keychain. I have been playing around with the concept of making 3D printed maze toys, but nothing has quite worked as I wanted it to. I am not sure exactly what happened here, but I like the way it turned out. They are a real pain to make so I won’t be selling them (I would feel weird about that anyway) but now I will always have a reminder of this strange time we are going through.  

keeping busy

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